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Glenalmond College Public Benefit and Charitable Activity Report 2012-13


Glenalmond College's core objective and purpose is the provision of a high quality education, in the widest possible sense, to benefit our pupils and our wider society. The College is committed to widening the access to the education it provides. Applications from all sections of the community are encouraged, and the College offers financial support through its bursary scheme to pupils who, owing to financial constraints, would otherwise be unable to benefit from attendance at the school.

Assistance is available up to 100% to pupils based on financial need and within available funding. An assessment of the financial position of the applicant is undertaken through completion of a means tested form. The form is comprehensive and all income and capital assets are assessed. Given limited resources, a range of factors are considered in deciding on the successful applicants, in addition to financial need. These include academic ability, sibling already at the school as well as other exceptional family circumstances. The cut-off for awards is determined by the point at which budgeted fee assistance funds are exhausted. The level of award is reviewed annually. The funding for means tested fee assistance comes from a wide variety of sources including Educational and Charitable Trusts, Annual Giving, Philanthropic Giving, Fellows, Endowment Trust and Glenalmond College Enterprises Limited. For 2012/13 the total value of means tested support was equivalent to 10% of gross income.

Aligned with Glenalmond's educational activities are such factors as the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture, sport, religion, science, citizenship and community involvement. The College is dedicated to playing a full role in the life of the local community.

This report outlines the range of activities undertaken by the College and its staff to support the local and wider community.

Academic and Educational Activity

As well as providing the highest level of education within the school, Glenalmond staff regularly share their expertise beyond the school. Every year a number of Glenalmond teachers are markers or examiners for SQA, IB, GCSE, A level and Associated Board (music) examinations, and in some cases are scrutineers and senior examiners for exam boards. Our staff adjudicate at music competitions at other schools. A member of staff is the Chief Instructor for Army Cadet Force Piping, and another is a Duke of Edinburgh Award Assessor. Each year Glenalmond serves as an examination centre for external candidates taking GCSE or A level exams, and occasionally as an examination centre for external music candidates.

Our staff give lectures, public talks and presentations at conferences in specialist subjects, we have hosted the annual SCIS Classics, English and EAL Conferences, and our staff are involved in the training of probationer teachers.

Links with Other Schools

We have strong links with a number of local primary schools, and are pleased to be able to provide specialist help and support for these schools in a number of areas.

Our staff give talks and in-school teaching to various primary schools in Perth & Kinross on printing, history, Shakespeare, bushcraft and French, providing specialist input to help primary schools develop projects with the pupils. They have also provided science curriculum guidance and pre-inspection guidance to local primary school staff. In addition, Glenalmond staff provide Oxbridge interview training for pupils at local maintained schools and Queen Victoria School in Dunblane, and for students at Motherwell College, where such a resource does not otherwise exist. Local schools attended our junior play, lectures and debating day, and pupils from the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh came on a bushcraft course at Glenalmond, run by our staff.  Our Chaplain regularly takes assembly at a local primary school and presented prizes at their "Celebration Afternoon".  In addition, we help to promote fundraising activities being carried out by local primary schools.

We hold an annual Choral Day for up to 200 pupils from other schools from Perth, Edinburgh and often the North of England.

Our staff drive a Glenalmond vehicle to support Logiealmond Primary School by making off-site trips possible and affordable. Staff also give their time to help upgrade this small local school, for example by constructing play areas.

Educational Support to Non-School Groups

We provide First Aid and Science training to Methven Cubs group, and have taught Scottish Dancing to the same group. The Cub group regularly use the Glenalmond site and facilities.  We provide both a safe venue and expert staff to individual primary schools for orienteering, and host the annual Perthshire Primary Schools Orienteering championships.

Provision of Facilities

We have an extensive campus at Glenalmond College, with excellent sporting and educational facilities, and we regularly invite external groups to use these facilities.

On Perth and Kinross Open Doors Days we provide guided tours of Glenalmond, with particular reference to the school's architectural heritage.

Sheppard Swim School, a swimming coaching organisation, uses our pool throughout the year, fulfilling a crucial need in the local area. Over 200 community members use our 9-hole golf course for a minimal contribution. For the last three years the following groups have regularly (weekly in and out of season) used our sports pitches and facilities: Luncarty adult and U10 football teams, St Johnstone FC, Perth & Kinross Cub Scouts, Methven Cubs, Perthshire Rugby Club, Freuchie Cricket Club, Perth Dive Club, Methven AM Football Club and Young Carers. We provide facilities for the Tayside Orienteering Competition and the Perth and Kinross Primary Schools Orienteering Championship.

A partnership was formed with Perthshire Rugby Football Club, involving an exchange of coaching provision, and use of the Glenalmond sports facilities and pitches by the local club.


The Glenalmond Chapel is the de facto Episcopal Church for the local area providing a location for public worship during term time and during the vacation (with over 150 worshippers in the Chapel on Christmas Eve, for example). The Chaplain officiates at christenings, weddings and funerals in the Chapel. He is the official Chaplain (unpaid) at two local schools and preaches at other schools as a guest, preached and conducted weddings at other churches and chapels in Scotland and preached at Westminster Abbey.  Local residents are invited to the school's Remembrance Day Service and carol services.

Charitable Fundraising

Our pupils carry out a range of fundraising activities throughout the year, and raise on average around £25,000 each year to support over 20 different local, national and international charities each year. In addition, Glenalmond pupils provide the central performance in an annual Christmas fundraising concert at Fowlis Wester which raises around £2000 each year. Old computer equipment is recycled by passing it on to the Mercy Ships medical charity.

Community Service

The ethos of community service is important to Glenalmond pupils, and around 20 pupils a week undertake placements at local charity organisations including:

  • Logiealmond Primary School
  • BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association) Home, Crieff
  • Shelter Charity Shop, Crieff
  • Chest, Heart & Stroke Charity Shop, Crieff
  • Soughton Smallholding, Blackruthven Farm
  • The Bike Station, Perth
  • Shelter Charity Shop, Perth
  • Ochil Care Home, Perth
  • Perth Allotment Project

Other Public Benefit Activities

In addition to the main areas of charitable and public benefit activity described above, there are numerous other ways in which Glenalmond, and its staff, help the local community. These include:

  • The support of local drama groups and choirs through the provision of books and music
  • Rugby refereeing for SRU
  • Composing and compiling music for public events and publications
  • Our pipe band, and individual pipers, played at a range of local events, including charity events, Perth Racecourse race day and at a local care home
  • We provided the musicians for the annual Save the Children concert in a local village and put on a tea party and nativity play for local children

Still Voices, a singing therapy group for dementia sufferers and their carers, has been founded by members of the Glenalmond staff community and the sessions are hosted at Glenalmond - the venue is provided at no cost. Staff members are charity trustees of the Percy Whitlock and Gerald Finzi trusts, the Memorial Arts Charity and the Soko Fund (a small, Scottish-based charity devoted to securing university education for women in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world), and time off work is permitted for this involvement.

Glenalmond staff are governors, or have positions on the school Board, of Malsis Prep School in Yorkshire, Cargilfield School in Edinburgh, St Mary's prep school in Melrose, and Logiealmond Primary School in Perth & Kinross. Individuals are also board members of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools, the Boarding Schools Association, and the Independent Scottish Schools' Bursars' Association.

Ancillary Public Benefit

Glenalmond occupies an important position in the local area, and as well as opening our Chapel doors to local residents, we welcome our neighbours to our firework display in November, with fireworks and barbecue provided free-of-charge. We also provide a drinking water supply to 24 local residents - the water is supplied and treated at no cost to the residents. Glenalmond's ICT staff provide informal (free) ICT support to local residents.

For over 12 years the College has provided its facilities during vacations to charitable organisations on a "cost plus" basis, rather than charging commercial rates. Organisations to have benefited include The Newman Trust (camps for severely disabled children in Scotland), Scottish Episcopal Youth Camps, Tayview Activities, Sheppard Swim School, the SUL English Language School for primary aged French children and the Scottish Hockey Development Camp.

The charity report for 2013-14 will be published on this website after the end of the academic year.