Former pupil in the running for top BBC Children's presenting job....

Freddie Ingleby photo

OG Freddie Ingleby is one of the ten hopefuls named this week in the running for a position as the next Blue Peter presenter. Freddie has been chosen from over 20,000 applicants and will now take part in a series of heats with the other nine aspiring presenters, with members of the public voting on which of the young hopefuls will be eliminated. Freddie said that he has always wanted to be a presenter. “I’m energetic and committed. I don’t shy away from anything, and I smile a lot.” As well as getting on well with people, he has a love of animals and the outdoors, having been brought up on the family farm in Stirlingshire. A former rowing coach, who has also completed a number of half-marathons, he is hoping that his skills and his personality will carry him through to the highly-coveted position of presenter on the nation’s favourite children’s programme.

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