Exam Information

Exam Calendar

To check examination dates, please click on the following  link:  Exam Calendar

Exam results and clearing advice

This is a summary of the advice provided by UCAS with details of the process and contacts for Glenalmond pupils. Please click on the following link to access the information:  Results Timetable and Clearing Procedure

AS Grade Calculator

The AS Grade Calculator enables you to calculate AS grades from individual module scores.   Please click the following link:   AS Overall Grade Calculator 2014

Results Enquiry

The Enquiry About Results service and Glenalmond candidate consent form gives information about how to request a re-mark and the possible outcomes of such a review. Please click on the following links:

 Results and Post Examination Information 2014

 Candidate Consent Form EAR 2014

 Post Results Service Fees 2014


Exam Preparation and Revision Techniques

Please click on the following links for tips and techniques to help you in the preparation for your exams.....

How to Revise

Effective Revision

Reviewing your revision notes

Revision Planner

Revision Guidance for Parents

Dealing with Distractions

Healthy Body and Healthy Mind for Examination Success

How to answer Examination Questions

How to make useful notes

Learning Styles

Managing Yourself

Preparing for the Examination

Performing on the Day