Overseas Pupils

Glenalmond College attracts a number of international students.

Our current school roll includes boys and girls from Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, mainland China, Spain and Mexico.

Some of our overseas pupils will be British children whose parents live and work overseas while many others are internationals who come to us to improve their English and experience the excellent education offered by a leading British boarding school. Some join us in the lower forms while others will spend their VIth form years with us because they want to sit A Levels and prepare themselves for entry to a British university.

The percentage of international students at Glenalmond is roughly 15%. This gives the school a healthy balance of differing nationalities while making sure that those overseas pupils who do want to improve their English get the opportunity to fully integrate and mix and speak with UK children.

To find out more about what it's like to be an overseas pupil at Glenalmond please click on Glenalmond Videos or visit our Former Pupils page to read Ziang Chen's testimonial.

Peer Tutoring

Glenalmond College has introduced an innovative programme of peer tutoring to ensure that its international pupils are able to integrate fully into the School.

This programme provides each of the overseas pupils with a UK pupil peer tutor, generally just a year or two older, aiming primarily to help them improve their English grammar and to understand the nuances of the language. However, the support provided by the pupil tutors in many cases extends further, including help both with the technical language of certain subjects and the subject matter.

English as An Additional Language

The College welcomes pupils from many nationalities and linguistic backgrounds and all international pupils thrive at Glenalmond supported, where necessary, by the EAL department.

Pupils are expected to have at least an Intermediate level of English on arrival and they should be able to manage the normal academic curriculum of the school. All pupils who have a native language other than English are given a diagnostic test by the EAL department upon arrival at Glenalmond. For more information please visit our English as an Additional Language page.

International Club

There is also an International Club which helps our overseas pupils integrate into the school and develop their understanding of British culture. For more information about the click here.