Glenalmond College welcome all donations to ensure the highest standards of education are maintained.

Over the years Glenalmond College has been extremely grateful for the support and generosity of many parents and alumni who have so willingly contributed to creating an enduring legacy.

Donations received from OGs have enabled us to provide three very welcome 100% bursaries in recent years.

Donations both large and small are always welcome and hugely appreciated. More information on how to give to Glenalmond is provided under 'Ways of Giving' on the left.

The full list of those who generously contributed last year is below.

Ronald A Adam (Patchell's 1949-1954)
Wilson F Aitken (Matheson's 1942-46)
David M Alexander (Skrine's 1942-1945)
Allan A Angus (Skrine's 1950-1955)
Peter W Asplin (Skrine's 1953-1958)
Mark G Atkinson (Matheson's 1969-1973)
Geoffrey R Ballantine (Cairnies 1965-1970)
G Freeland Barbour (Cairnies 1965-1969)
Rupert G Barclay (Patchell's 1970-1974)
Marianne A Barry, Hon OG
Robert K Begg (Patchell's 1980-85)
William K Begg (Patchell's 1948-1952)
Peter E Bell (Matheson's 1983-1988)
Fraser A Bennett (Goodacre's 1989-1995)
Adam K Bergius (Skrine's 1939-1942)
Avard L Bishop (Reid's 1966-1971)
Ian J Black, Former Parent
John A Black (Skrine's 1953-58)
D Grahame Blair (Skrine's 1949-54)
Simon Bolam (Patchell's 1956-1961)
Donald Booker-Milburn (Patchell's 1953-1958)
William D Boyd (Skrine's 1944-48)
Anthony V Brand (Cairnies 1956-60)
Iain C Breese (Cairnies 1955-1960)
Adam R Bruce (Reid's 1981-1985)
Timothy R Bull (Matheson's 1956-1960)
J Andrew S Burn (Skrine's 1935-1940)
Richard R Burns (Matheson's 1959-1964)
Dennis R Burt (Skrine's 1940-1944)
Roger S Burton (Skrine's 1969-1973)
Sandy H Bushby, Former Parent
John R Bushell (Patchell's 1976-1982)
Charles S Cairns (Matheson's 1945-1949)
C Alastair Campbell, Parent
Ion E Campbell (Goodacre's 1950-1954)
John B Campbell (Reid's 1970-1975)
M Paul Chappell (Skrine's 1948-1953)
Donald C Christ (Skrine's 1953-1954)
William W Clarkson (Patchell's 1937-1942)
J Alasdair M Cockburn (Patchell's 1959-1964)
T Macalister Corry (Skrine's 1958-1963)
John D Croll, Parent
George A Davidson (Skrine's 1940-1944)
John A Dent, Parent
Robert H Dickson (Cairnies 1959-1963)
C Gordon Dilworth (Goodacre's 1952-1957)
John S Douglas, Parent
John G Dudgeon (Goodacre's 1945-1948)
Mark P Dunfoy (Skrine's 1978-1983)
R Alastair Dunlop (Patchell's 1964-1969)
Graeme P Edge (Reid's 1994-2000)
Christopher I Emmerson (Matheson's 1953-1958)
Donald Emslie-Smith (Skrine's 1936-1940)
Sir Angus D Farquharson (Patchell's 1948-1953)
J Colin Ferguson (Patchell's 1942-1946)
Lucy Files, Parent
John A Findlay (Skrine's 1945-1949)
Michael A Findlay, Parent
Richard J Fletcher (Matheson's 1996-1998)
Joseph P Fok (Skrine's 1975-1980)
John G Forsyth (Goodacre's 1952-1957)
Charles R Foster (Skrine's 1971-1975)
Hazel J Foster, Former Parent
Robert M Foster (Skrine's 1962-1967)
Richard H Fowler (Cairnies 1959-1964)
John N Frame (Cairnies 1960-1965)
David Gaskell, Parent
Frank E Gerstenberg (Patchell's 1954-1959)
George M Gillespie (Goodacre's 1945-1949)
Adam R Gillingham (Reid's 1972-1977)
John Glen (Warden's 1938-1943)
Timothy A Grant (Skrine's 1953-1958)
Martin R Grant-Peterkin (Patchell's 1956-1961)
Sandy Gray (Goodacre's 1971-1976)
Brian J Gray (Cairnies 1982-1987)
L Marilyn M Gunning, Former Parent
Graham Guthrie (Patchell's 1949-1953)
T David M Hart (Patchell's 1952-1958)
David Hastings, Parent
Alistair Hems, Staff
Harry L Henderson (Patchell's 1948-1953)
Scott C Henderson (Skrine's 1946-1950)
David R Hill (Cairnies 1954-1959)
James G Hill (Cairnies 1961-1966)
Nigel J Hill (Cairnies 1957-1962)
Alastair J Hope (Goodacre's 1970-1975)
James D Hotchkis (Patchell's 1970-1974)
G J Ramsay Hovell (Matheson's 1945-1949)
S Ian Hughes-Smith (Goodacre's 1945-1949)
Alister W Jack (Patchell's 1976-1982)
Rachel Jaggard, Staff
Susan F Jardine Paterson, Parent
Neil W Jenner (Reid's 1961-1965)
Iain M Kennedy (Skrine's 1956-1961)
Linda Kennedy, Staff
Peter R Kerr (Goodacre's 1944-1948)
Bruce G Kilpatrick (Patchell's 1988-1993)
David R Kilpatrick (Patchell's 1950-1955)
The Hon. Lord Kingarth (Patchell's 1962-1966)
Martin Kirkpatrick, Parent
Ian R Kirkwood (Warden's 1937-1941)
Michael J Kirkwood (Reid's 1961-1965)
Simon W Laird (Skrine's 1980-1985)
Duncan J Liddell (Reid's 1982-1987)
Douglas G Low (Patchell's 1951-1955)
Lawrence E Luscombe, Hon OG
C A Jeremy Macafee (Patchell's 1946-1950)
Peter J Macdonald (Goodacre's 1959-1964)
F P Diarmid Mackenzie Smith (Matheson's 1980-1985)
Alan J Mackie (Goodacre's 1957-1961)
Russell J Mackie (Skrine's 1984-1989)
Lorna Mackintosh, Parent
Simon A Mackintosh (Cairnies 1970-1974)
Alasdair H Maclaughlin (Skrine's 1955-1960)
Christopher F MacLaughlin (Skrine's 1949-1953)
Ronald G MacLean (Matheson's 1940-1943)
Duncan K Macmichael (Goodacre's 1952-1956)
David J MacRobert (Goodacre's 1967-1972)
H Christopher Maitland (Patchell's 1948-1953)
Charlotte Marjoribanks (Lothian 1994-1996)
Maureen Marshall, Staff
Fiona Martin, Parent
Hugh G Maund (Matheson's 1952-1957)
William E McKie (Matheson's 1946-1950)
Colin D Menzies (Goodacre's 1957-1963)
Lady Menzies, Former Parent
Richard D Miller (Patchell's 1943-1946)
W Bruce Milligan (Patchell's 1959-1963)
Peter G Mills (Patchell's 1958-1963)
Claire Milne, Neighbour
Seymour H Monro (Skrine's 1963-1968)
Bruce S Montgomery (Cairnies 1969-1974)
Harry J Morgan (Matheson's 1973-1978)
A Gordon Morison (Goodacre's 1966-1971)
Brian J Moser (Matheson's 1948-1953)
Arthur R Muirhead (Patchell's 1946-1952)
Christopher I Munro (Goodacre's 1962-1967)
James A Murray (Goodacre's 1950-1955)
Wilson H Nimmo, Parent
Graeme W Norval (Matheson's 1947-1951)
Margaret Orgill, Parent
Timothy G Osmaston (Matheson's 1944-1947)
James W Patrick (Reid's 1971-1975)
A Peter Peirse-Duncombe (Matheson's 1969-1974)
Michael M Phillips (Matheson's 1958-1964)
Malcolm S Pott (Matheson's 1944-1947)
Kenneth A Prain (Patchell's 1951-1956)
Gordon H Prestige, Parent
Andrew H Primrose (Matheson's 1952-1957)
David A Primrose (Matheson's 1978-1983)
John R Purvis (Patchell's 1951-1956)
J Peter Ratzer (Skrine's 1953-1956)
Peter R Recordon (Matheson's 1960-1964)
David A Rennie (Patchell's 1993-1998)
Gavin A Rennie (Patchell's 1995-1997)
George M Renouf, Parent
J Philip Rettie (Patchell's 1940-1945)
Derek A Roberts (Goodacre's 1952-1957)
Donald G Richardson (Patchell's 1945-1949)
H Brian Richmond (Skrine's 1982-1987)
Colin M Robertson (Goodacre's 1972-1977)
Ross Royden, Parent
Allan H Samwell (Matheson's 1953-1958)
James M Sandison (Skrine's 1978-1982)
David G Scott (Patchell's 1962-1966)
G Peter Scott (Skrine's 1960-1964)
James M Scott (Patchell's 1946-1950)
Robert S Scott (Patchell's 1944-1949)
Neil M Sharp (Skrine's 1947-1952)
Andrew W Sherwood (Skrine's 1953-1958)
Hugh C Shields (Reid's 1978-1982)
David G Sibbald (Skrine's 1961-1966)
C Jamie M Skinner (Matheson's 1974-1979)
Anna M Sloan (Lothian 1996-1998)
David W Small (Skrine's 1940-1945)
John E Small (Skrine's 1972-1977)
Richard S Smith (Cairnies 1985-1987)
Alasdair B Speirs (Skrine's 1953-1958)
John Squire, Parent
Julian C Staples (Reid's 1984-1989)
Brian T Stewart (Patchell's 1935-1940)
Iain A Stirling (Reid's 1980-1985)
Anthony C Stoker (Skrine's 1970-1974)
Anne Sutton, Former Parent
Robert C Taylor (Skrine's 1938-1942)
Andrew F Thomson (Patchell's 1956-1961)
Michael F Thomson (Goodacre's 1994-1999)
Robert K Thomson (Goodacre's 1954-1959)
I Gordon Thorburn (Matheson's 1954-1959)
David I Tod (Matheson's 1952-1957)
John K Towers (Patchell's 1933-1938)
Caroline M Townsend, Parent
Graham C Trueman (Goodacre's 1970-1975)
Rob I Wainwright (Skrine's 1978-1983)
Malcolm C Walker (Skrine's 1949-1953)
Michael J Walker (Goodacre's 1966-1970)
Roland G Wallace (Patchell's 1935-1938)
William G Waterston (Matheson's 1962-1967)
James R Watt (Reid's 1961-1965)
A Euan S Wilson, Parent
Andrew D Wilson (Cairnies 1962-1966)
Ian D Wilson (Cairnies 1959-1964)
Ian R Wilson, Former Parent
William A Wisely (Cairnies 1958-1962)
Timothy J Wishart (Matheson's 1982-1986)
Michael M Wolfe (Patchell's 1942-1946)
H Michael Wolstencroft (Patchell's 1946-1950)
Gordon Woods, Warden
John D Wright, Staff
Michael J Young (Goodacre's (1952-1956)

and 28 Anonymous Donors

Names in bold are College Council Members

Our thanks go to all the above.