Boarding at Glenalmond College

Glenalmond College is one of the top independent boarding schools in Scotland.

As a full seven days a week boarding school, pupils can board throughout the term without having to leave at weekends. Our timetable includes lessons, activities, sport and outings throughout the whole week, including on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are eight boarding houses - five for boys and three for girls, all within the 330 acre Glenalmond campus.

Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress, who lives alongside the boarding house with their own family. This means that there is a family atmosphere in the houses which we feel is important for children living away from home.

The pupils have a great loyalty to their house, and inter-house competitions are always popular - whether for sport, music or drama.

Boarding at Glenalmond allows pupils to benefit from all that the school has to offer, with the companionship and life skills that come from living with others.

Each house has its own distinct character. For more information about the individual houses please click on the "Houses" link on the left.

For more information on boarding at Glenalmond please view our Pastoral video: click Pastoral Care 

Along with all of the boarding schools in Scotland, Glenalmond's boarding provision is also inspected by SCSWIS, Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland. The last inspection was carried out on 14 March 2012, and a copy of the full inspection report, in pdf format, is available Inspection Report March 2012 . Glenalmond was given the highest grading, Excellent, on all the areas examined during the inspection.

For details of fees for boarders at Glenalmond please click Fees