Both boarders and day pupils are members of one of our eight Boarding Houses at Glenalmond College.

The House becomes home during term time and pupils remain members of the same House for the duration of their time at Glenalmond.

There are five boys' Houses and three girls' Houses. The boys' Houses, Goodacre's, Matheson's and Patchell's are all situated around Front Quad while Skrine's and Reid's are a short walk away as are the two main girls' Houses, Home and Lothian. Girls in the Fifth Form, whilst remaining members of their House, spend this year together in newly refurbished accommodation in Cairnie's.

The Boarding Houses are also home to House staff and their families and have a range of facilities including lounges, kitchens, games rooms and prep rooms.

Each day pupil is allocated to a House and fully participates in life there.

Glenalmond tries to accommodate preferences for a pupil to join a particular House. The pupil's name is placed on the list for that House and when that list reaches capacity, names are then added to another House list and also put on a waiting list for that of first choice. A transfer will be made if a space becomes available

For more information on the eight houses please click on their individual names on the left.

To find out more about the pastoral care that is offered at Glenalmond please view our Pastoral Care Video