Design & Technology

Design and Technology is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all pupils to live and work in the designed and made world.

The department has an excellent academic record with an average pass rate of 96% at GCSE and 100% at A level. The extensive facilities and expertise of the staff allow the pupils to realise most of the design concepts. After studying Technology pupils have gone to study a wide variety of engineering and design disciplines including architecture, civil engineering, product design, fashion design and ship design.


Fourth Form

The department has three Edexcel GCSE options Resistant Materials, Graphic Products and Electronic.
During this year, the pupils undertake the balance of gaining the practical skill and theoretical knowledge required for their controlled assessment. Part of this takes the form of a series of small project exploring a variety of manufacturing equipment and techniques appropriate to the selected GCSE. In the Trinity term the pupils start their Controlled Assessment.

Fifth Form

Throughout this year the pupils exclusively work on their Controlled Assessments, which are worth 60% of the whole GCSE. There are two equally weighted elements to this, the Design Activity and the Make Activity. During the former the pupils design a product appropriated to the elected GCSE, for example Graphic Products- cosmetic packaging, Resistant Materials-garden furniture and Electronics-a radio amplifier.  This design can be carried forward and realised in the Make Activity or an alternative can be selected.  There is a terminal examination at the end of the year worth 40% of the GCSE.

Lower Sixth

The department currently offers two Edexcel Product Design A-levels, Graphic Products and Resistant Materials.  Each follow a common structure and have an appropriate emphasis on project work in addition to the terminal exam at the end of the year which assess a knowledge of a wide range of materials and processes used in design and technology (Unit 2). In addition to a design and make module the pupil undertake a full product analysis of a product of the choice (Unit 1).

Upper Sixth

Throughout this year the pupil undertake a commercial design approach to their controlled assessment (Unit 4). The choice of the problem should have a real commercial use and be designed for a suitable client. The exam (Unit 3) will assess the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of a range of modern design and manufacturing practices and contemporary design issue.

Extra Curricular

The department encourages all pupils to make full use of the facilities during activity time and prep for both personal and exam projects.  As part of the extensive Monday afternoon activity programme the department runs a Robotics Club where pupils develop, build and programme their own mechatronic systems.

Department Head- Mr Alasdair Purdie

Alasdair Purdie BEd joined the college in 1992. He is a residential tutor in Skrine's, coaches senior rugby and hockey, manages the junior tennis team and is the College representative on the OG committee.