The School Curriculum

The Glenalmond curriculum aims to give pupils a wide choice of subjects at all levels in order to provide a broad and challenging education, taking them from a broad base to a more focused approach in later years.

From the Fourth Form pupils study for GCSEs, typically studying eight or nine subjects at this level. For Lower Sixth, they generally select four subjects to study to AS level, which they then narrow down to typically three A levels in Upper Sixth. This structure allows pupils to study a breadth of different subjects, but to also develop a depth of learning in later years to lead them on towards their university studies.

Our subject range is vast, with 25 different subjects available at A Level, many more than in most other independent schools. This recognises the fact that all pupils will have different strengths - by offering such a wide choice, all pupils are able to excel in their strongest subjects.

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Why A Levels?

There are a number of different qualifications offered by different schools. Glenalmond offers an academic curriculum based on A Levels, a model which remains the curriculum of choice for the vast majority of independent schools in the UK. We believe that A levels provide a balance between depth and choice that is unrivalled by many of the alternatives.

A full explanation is available on the Sixth Form Curriculum page.

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There are going to be National changes to the A-Levels and GCSEs in 2015.  From September 2015 they will primarily affect current Third Form pupils and Fifth Form pupils and for the Second Form the changes to GCSEs in September 2016 will be relevant.  For these year groups further explanation will be provided at forthcoming parents meetings.  National Reforms to A-Levels and GCSEs