Scholarships are awards of financial support based on a child demonstrating excellence or particular potential in a certain field of academic study or performance.

Depending on the type of scholarship or award given, there is a percentage reduction in the overall fees.The amount awarded for these school scholarships (up to a maximum of 10% of fees) depends on the calibre of the candidate and is based on the performance in an examination and/or assessment. Academic, music and art scholarships are available at Glenalmond, as well as piping awards, outstanding talent awards (for sport) and all-rounder awards for those showing particular aptitude in more than one area including sport.

Glenalmond provides a range of college scholarship examinations to ensure that we attract the best quality pupils from all backgrounds. Scholarship pupils are thought of highly within the school.

Further details on College Scholarships and financial support can be found in our Guide to Financial Assistance, Scholarships and Awards 2015-16.

There is more information about the support we provide for our most academically gifted pupils on the Scholars and Exhibitioners page.

For further details regarding scholarships, please contact the Registrar Mike Jeffers.

Email or telephone +44 (0) 1738 842144.

Scholarship Dates for 2016

Art scholarship interviews: to be confirmed

Academic scholarship examinations: 22, 23 & 24 February 2016

All-rounder/Outstanding Talent award assessments: 25 February 2016

Music scholarships: auditions can take place at any point before the academic scholarship examinations.

Past Scholarship papers

2012 2013 2014 2015
Biology Biology  Biology paper to follow  Biology
Chemistry Chemistry  Chemistry  Chemistry
  Chemistry Periodic Table  Chemistry Periodic Table  
English English  English  English
French French Paper A  French  French
  French Paper B    French
  French Paper C    
  Spanish Paper A  Spanish  
  Spanish Paper B   Geography
Geography Geography  Geography Geography
Geography Booklet Geography Booklet  Geography figures for exam. Greek
Greek Greek  Greek Greek 
History History  History History 
Latin Latin  Latin Latin 
Divinity Divinity  Divinity Divinity 
Physics Physics  Physics  Physics
Mathematics Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics