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Calling all Coll Cricketers!

Cricket at Glenalmond is widely regarded as being played on the most picturesque pitches in the country. The summer term brings cricket as the primary boy’s sport, with the school team regularly competing with the best in Scotland. The main square has recently received extensive new drainage, enhancing the already firm wicket, with the hope of less cancelled fixtures in the future. From House matches to 1st XI matches, everyone is given the opportunity to give the sport a go at Coll with the great coaching imparted by the staff. The OG Cricket Club, or the OG Rovers as some know it as, has at least one Sunday game against the school 1st XI every year, often being very close affairs. Many former pupils continue their love for the game post school, and it is these OGs that the club is looking to encourage to come back and play. There is a playing shirt and cap for players, as well opportunity to come back to the school for a Sunday lunch and BBQ after the game.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please do hesitate to contact Matthew Waterston (Mathesons 2002-2007) or drop a line to the Alumni office or 01738 842046. 


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