For both boarders and day pupils, the boarding houses are at the centre of a pupil’s life at Glenalmond.

The House becomes home during term time and pupils remain members of the same House for the duration of their time at Glenalmond.

There are five boys’ houses and three girls’ houses at Glenalmond, providing a range of different styles of boarding house to suit different pupils.

For the boys, Goodacre's, Matheson's and Patchell's are all situated around Front Quad while Skrine's and Reid's are a short walk away. The two main girls' Houses, Home and Lothian, are situated beyond the Music School and Art School. Girls in the Fifth Form, whilst remaining members of their House, spend this year together in Cairnies.

The boarding houses form the focus of the social lives of the pupils, inspiring a sense of identity and loyalty that will stay with them throughout their lives. When former pupils (OGs) meet, they always ask each other which house they were in!

The Boarding Houses have a range of facilities including lounges, kitchens, games rooms and prep rooms. The Housemaster and Housemistress live alongside the boarding house, with their own family, creating that a family atmosphere which is so important, particularly to boarders.

Glenalmond tries to accommodate preferences for a pupil to join a particular House. The pupil's name is placed on the list for that House and when that list reaches capacity, names are then added to another House list and also put on a waiting list for that of first choice. A transfer will be made if a space becomes available.

Please have a look at the individual house pages on this website to see which might suit you best. When prospective pupils and parents come to visit the school, we always try to arrange for them to visit some of the boarding houses and meet the Housestaff and pupils.