Cairnies Junior House opening September 2017

Cairnies Junior House

Cairnies, the new Junior House at Glenalmond College, will open in September 2017.  Initially for boys, but with plans to later expand to become fully co-educational, it will be an ideal base for Second and Third Form pupils (ages 12+ and 13+).

More information about the new Junior House can be found in our Cairnies leaflet.

Cairnies Junior House will be run by Mr Peter Golden, currently housemaster of Goodacre’s.  Peter and his wife Linda will be resident in Cairnies and will ensure that there is a family atmosphere, which is characteristic of Glenalmond boarding houses.       

Close to the outdoor classroom, Cairnies Woods, Glenalmond’s golf course and its own playing fields, Cairnies is an excellent base for younger pupils.  The accommodation is in rooms of two to four and the boarding house has a large common room and kitchen as well as plenty of outdoor space.

Bringing all junior pupils together will enable them to live as a cohesive group and settle into the school with more specialised pastoral care before moving on to the senior houses from Fourth Form (age 14+). 

Clearly the links with the senior houses that the boys will move on to are very important.  Senior boys and girls will have leadership responsibilities in the Junior House.  Social activities will involve all Second, Third and Fourth Form boys, and from the point at which senior house decisions are made, the Cairnies boys will be able to compete in inter-house competitions for their future senior boarding house.

The junior boys will spend their whole day in the main school and will have access to all of the same facilities for music, sport, drama and activities as the senior boys.  There will be minibus transport between Cairnies and the main part of the school at key times of the day.  All the pupils will share the same classrooms and teachers, and will continue to eat together in the Dining Hall.

We want to ensure that all our pupils get the best possible start to their time at Glenalmond College, and the balance of the Cairnies environment, with its specialised pastoral care and outdoor lifestyle, and full integration with College life in the working day will do this.

The Cairnies housemaster, Peter Golden, would be happy to talk to any parents about the plans for our Junior House.  He can be contacted at