Goodacre's Girls' House opening September 2017

Goodacre's Girls' House

A new girls’ boarding house is being created at Glenalmond College in Goodacre’s House, in the very heart of the school.  This will be the first in-quad girls’ house, giving girls the same choice of in-quad or out-of-quad house as the boys. 

The new Goodacre’s girls’ house will be run by Mrs Andrea Goodall, who joined Glenalmond in September 2016 as Cairnies Housemistress for this transition year, and who will move to Goodacre’s when it opens as a girls’ house in September 2017.

All three girls’ houses (Goodacre’s, Home and Lothian) will be fully vertical, with girls from Second Form through to Upper Sixth. With the opening of this new house, the continuity of pastoral care is assured, the need for girls to change house for Fifth Form will cease, and girls will be able to develop and maintain stronger house ties throughout their time at the school.

Importantly, this development will also enable us to increase the number of girls at Glenalmond, to move closer to an equal number of boys and girls.  Limitations on boarding space have caused girl pupil numbers to be capped in recent years and the creation of this third full girls’ house will allow the number of girls to grow as demand continues to increase.

New girls joining Glenalmond will have the choice of Goodacre’s, Home and Lothian houses, and we hope that some will choose to be flag-bearers for this exciting development in Glenalmond’s history!

The Goodacre’s housemistress, Andrea Goodall, would be happy to talk to any parents about the plans for our newest girls’ house.  She can be contacted at

More information about all three of our girls' houses - Goodacre's, Home and Lothian - can be found in our Girls' Houses leaflet.