Home House

In Home we aim to nurture the qualities of mutual respect, independence and endeavour.  Above all, Home house is a real home away from home fostering a sense of fun and joie de vivre that makes life at Glenalmond such a positive and life enhancing experience.

The warmth and support engendered is almost tangible, and is central to the girls' happiness. Kate Butler, Housemistress

Home House was opened in 1998 after it was clear that the demand for girls’ places was increasing. Since then it has grown into a thriving and bustling house of 60 girls from the Second to the Sixth Form.  It is important for each girl to know she is a vital part of the community that is Home house and to feel that she can contribute to House life, make her mark, hold responsibility and make lifelong friends. We encourage a strong sense of family among everyone who lives and works here and there is a true sense of friendship among the girls which is supported and encouraged by a wonderful house staff team who care tremendously for each and every one of the girls. House families play an important part of life in Home; these are arranged vertically from Second Form to Upper Sixth and ensure that the older girls look out for the younger ones, and real friendships are made, regardless of age. Our team of Housemistress, Assistant Housemistress, Matron and tutors provide a spider web of support to look after, protect and nurture the girls under our care both academically and pastorally.

More information about all of our girls' houses - Home, Goodacre's and Lothian - can be found in our Girls' Houses leaflet.

Housemistress – Mrs Kate Butler

Kate Butler - House


The Home House Team

Matron: Davina Gallacher

Assistant Housemistress & Fourth Form Academic Tutor: Miss Jasmine Neufeld

Second Form Academic Tutor: Mrs Kate Dove

Third Form Academic Tutor:  Mrs Elaine Mundill

Fourth Form Academic Tutor: Miss Jasmine Neufeld

Lower Sixth Academic Tutor: Miss Tori Dryden

Lower Sixth Academic Tutor: Miss Rebecca Masson

Upper Sixth Academic Tutor: Miss Rachel Mullen

Upper Sixth Academic Tutor: Dr Caroline Murie

Upper Sixth Academic Tutor: Ms Elaine Logan



House Mistress's email address: katebutler@glenalmondcollege.co.uk

House Mistress's Study number: 01738 842024

Tutor's Study number: 01738 842131

Matron's number: 01738 842082