Dining Hall Menu

There is a wide range of choices for each meal in the Dining Hall, including healthy, low fat options.  Baked potatoes with different fillings are always available at lunch and supper. 

This is the menu for the current week.

Menu for week commencing 22 March 2017


 Lentil soup


 Steak mince served in a Yorkshire pudding


 Vegetable lasagne


 Penne pasta with spinach, tomato and courgette 

     Mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans
     Jam and coconut sponge with custard
  Supper  Stir fry pork with peppers, hoi sin sauce and egg noodles
     Cheese and chive stuffed potato skins
     Chilli con carne with rice
     Egg noodles, mange touts
     Iced sultana cake
Tuesday Lunch  Minestrone Soup
     Buttered chicken curry
     Pepper stuffed with garlic rice
     Pasta carbonara
     Rice, leaf sinach, spiced cauliflower
     Spotted Dick with custard
  Supper  Grilled gammon steak with pineapple
     Quorn chilli with rice
     Mashed potatoes, mashed swede, garden peas
     Black forest triffle
Wednesday Lunch  Leek & potato soup
     Slow roasted tuscan pork loin
     Falafel burger served in a roll with sweet chilli sauce
     Pasta with arrabiatta sauce
     Boiled potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn
     Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce
  Supper  Southern fried chicken thigh
     Spicy quorn dogs
     Spicy wedges, courgettes
     Chelsea bun
Thursday Lunch Pea and mint soup
    Honey roast back bacon with frankfurter sauce
    Mushroom stroganoff with brown rice
    Pasta with tarragon sauce
    Savoy cabbage, mashed swede, parsley potatoes
    Lemon merignue pie with cream
  Supper Chicken Jambalya
    Qiompa stiffed pepper
    Grilled pork sausages with onion gravy
    Diced potoates, broccoli
    Warm pancakes with syrup
Friday Lunch French onion soup
    Cod goujons with lemon and tartar sauce
    Thai yellow curry with vegetables and lentils
    Minced beef lasagne
    Garden peas, French fries, cauliflower mornay
    Eve's pudding with custard
  Supper Mandarin barbecued pork
    Spiced rubbed baked potato with curry topping or quorn & tomato

Saute potatoes, sweetcorn


Lemon drizzle cake

 Saturday  Lunch Butter bean, bacon and parsley soup
    Turkey, chive and mushroom pie
    Roast vegetable calzone
    Pasta Neapolitan
    Carrots, grean beans, mashed potatoes
    Chocolate brioche pudding with custard
   Supper Pepperoni pizza 
    Cheese pizza
    Wedge fries, fried onion rings
    Warm cinnamon doughnut
Sunday Lunch Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding & horseraddish
    Cherry tomato and feta quiche
    Tuna, tomato and sweetcorn pasta bake
    Honey roast vegetables 
    Red cherry pie with custard
  Supper Chicken fajitas
    English muffin with poached egg and cheese
    Garden peas
    Millionaires shortbread