Academic Programme

The academic focus of the school is clear. All pupils study for GCSEs and A levels or Highers, with a curriculum spanning 25 subjects in the Sixth Form offering an excellent basis for entry to university and higher education.

Every year a good number of pupils achieve places at Oxford and Cambridge, a high proportion get places at Russell Group universities (the top 24 UK universities) and 98% of leavers go on to university or higher education. Throughout their school career every pupil is helped to recognise and develop their academic strengths.

Glenalmond's teachers are ambitious for their pupils, the school is very friendly and has a very high academic standard. Current parent

Glenalmond pupils are encouraged to develop a spirit of academic enquiry and an interest in learning for its own sake as well as to secure good examination grades. The William Bright Society at Glenalmond identifies, promotes and develops academic excellence in all areas of the school. The school has a programme of visiting lecturers throughout the year, and regular cultural and academic trips outside the school are organised to supplement classroom teaching.

The Academic Structure

Pupils receive an education tailored to their individual needs. Academic life is structured around the timetable of classes, but extends beyond the confines of the classroom. There are programmes to nurture the academically gifted and those with artistic or sporting talents.

Academic Tutoring

Every pupil at Glenalmond is part of a House-based tutor group and sees their tutor three times each week. The academic tutor works closely with the pupil to support his or her progress, and has an overview of the pupil's academic performance across the subjects being studied.

Our Learning at Glenalmond brochure gives you more insight into our approach to learning and teaching.