Government and Politics

Government and Politics is always a popular academic choice not only for pupils who prefer to study a full range of humanities or social science subjects but also as a fourth choice to complement a diet of science or mathematics.

Usually approximately 15-20% of Sixth Form pupils take the subject.  Pupils follow the OCR route to AS and A2.

Head of Department - Mr Darren Tolan MA, PGDE

Miss Jessica Kaye, MSc 

Mr Richard Myers, BEd, BA

Mr Guy Draper, BA PGCE

This course follows the AQA specification. This course is designed to:

  • Develop critical awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of the political system in the UK
  • Imbue the pupil with a knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of individuals in order to encourage more informed participation within their society
  • Develop a pupil’s capacity for critical thinking


Course content:

1. Contemporary Politics of the UK

Political parties

Pressure Groups

Electoral Systems and Referenda

UK Parliamentary Elections

Voting behaviour in the UK


2. Contemporary Government of the UK

The Constitution

The Executive

The Legislature

The Judiciary

The European Union


3. Contemporary US Government and Politics

Presidential Elections

Political Parties

Pressure Groups

The US Constitution

The Congress

The Presidency

The US Supreme Court

Civil Rights and Liberties


4. US Government and Politics

A comparative module covering US/UK Politics:


Political Parties and Pressure Groups

Civil Rights and Liberties






Recommended Qualifications

No previous study of Government and/or Politics is required. At least a B grade at GCSE in History, English or another arts subject is recommended.


Careers and Higher Education

The study of politics requires a range of skills from oral and written communication to the analysis of complex issues and the evaluation of evidence. Ability in these areas is much in demand in many Higher Education courses and in a wide range of careers.