English as an Additional Language

With a multinational student demographic, Glenalmond College boasts an outstanding EAL department.  The College welcomes pupils from many nationalities and linguistic backgrounds and all international pupils thrive at Glenalmond supported, where necessary, by the EAL department.

Pupils are expected to have at least an Intermediate level of English on arrival and they should be able to manage the normal academic curriculum of the school. All pupils who have a native language other than English are given a diagnostic test by the EAL department upon arrival at Glenalmond to determine whether they should attend mainstream English lessons or EAL lessons.

The EAL department's primary aim is to develop the English language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of all pupils whose native language is not English in order to help them thrive in all their academic subjects.

Exam entry and results

Exam entry and qualifications are geared to age and stage. Pupils may sit GCSE or A Level examinations in English or English as a Second Language depending on their level.

From the age of 16 and above, pupils may be entered for the IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System). This excellent qualification is recognised by universities world-wide and allows non-native speakers of English to prove their proficiency in the language which is often needed for university entry or employment later on in life.


Staff: Caroline Murie

Head of Department: Dr Caroline Murie   

Mrs Elaine Mundill, MA, Dip Lib MCILIP, Cert TM, TESOL

Mrs Andrea Goodall, BA, PGCE, MEd

Mrs Sasha Baldwin, MA, PGCE 

Mrs Meredith Myers, BA, BEd