Higher Education and Careers

Glenalmond College pupils leave us at the end of Upper Sixth Form as independent young men and women who have been thoroughly prepared for the next stage of their lives. Almost all of our leavers go on to university, with some of them opting to take a gap year before taking up their university place.

The decision about which university or career is best for a pupil is considered carefully by staff in collaboration with the pupil and his or her parents. In fact Glenalmond College assists pupils throughout their academic career, offering support and guidance on university applications and careers advice. Discussions about possible careers and suitable universities begin whenever the child joins Glenalmond whether that is in Third Form or in Sixth Form.

Morrisby Profiling is used from Third Form upwards providing advice on subject choice, university options and career aspirations. Psychometric testing is undertaken through Morrisby in the Michaelmas Term of Fifth Form. Pupils who join Glenalmond in the Sixth Form are also encouraged to take part in this. Results are made available to both pupils and parents ahead of the Fifth Form Parents meeting in the Michaelmas Term. In addition to this, each pupil will have a half hour interview with Mr Smith (Head of Sixth Form) in order to better understand their options and possibilities for the journey ahead.

Lower Sixth pupils have a presentation in the Lent Term as an introduction to the UCAS university application process. In the Trinity Term, following exams, further work is done on institution and course choice and the preparation of their Personal Statement which constitutes part of their application. UCAS forms are completed in the Michaelmas Term of the Upper Sixth.  If a pupil has left the school and requires help with their UCAS application they can contact Mr Steve Smith (Head of Sixth Form) who will assist them in the process.  

Glenalmond pupils who go to university study at a wide range of institutions including Bristol, Exeter, London, Durham, Newcastle and St Andrews as well as Oxford and Cambridge.

Advice is also given on what to do during a gap year and how to manage that time successfully.  OG applicants are also offered full assistance with university applications after leaving Glenalmond.