Learning Support

At Glenalmond College, we continue to accept and support pupils with learning difficulties.

We admit pupils who are comfortable with the level of academic attainment by which we set our standards. We are happy to accept and support pupils with learning difficulties or needs who, with appropriate support, can cope with classroom learning; we are not able to provide support for pupils who have severe learning difficulties.

We have a dedicated Learning Support team under the leadership of Mr Andy Heron. The department run a literacy-based intervention in Third and Fourth Form to help support pupils who are performing lower than their expected stage. There is also support provided for numeracy and health and well-being aspects of pupil’s daily lives.

The Head of Learning Support oversees and co-ordinates the screening of all pupils at the point of entry to the school. Initial testing also happens, with those who may show signs of a previously undiagnosed learning problem. The team, in Learning Support, liaise with parents, Housestaff and teachers over appropriate classroom strategies, the provision of one-to-one support and small group exercises as well as additional examination arrangements.

Parents of pupils with a known learning difficulty or other emotional or behavioural condition (e.g. ADD or ADHD) must inform the Warden so that we can respond appropriately.


Mr Andy Heron 

Mrs Sara Spiers

Mr Andrew Goodall

Mr Tom Morrison