The Learning Project

The Learning Project at Glenalmond College is a whole-school focus on Teaching and Learning: raising attainment, ambition and excellence in our pupils and staff.

Teaching at Glenalmond is of the highest quality - we have small classes, with committed, enthusiastic and experienced teachers across all of the subjects offered.

The Learning Project aims to build on this teaching excellence, through a whole-school programme of continuing professional development designed to ensure that all teachers are aware of all the latest teaching approaches, and by up-skilling our staff on a long-term basis.

Teachers work together in small groups to look at the process of learning, and how styles can be developed to suit different subjects and different learners, to ensure that our teaching is as effective as possible.  Teachers examine, test, trial and develop different teaching techniques, building on the evidence-based research in this area.

At the heart of this is the development of pupil attainment.  In our view, it is not enough to teach pupils to pass exams, we also want our pupils to experience the enjoyment of learning, and the excitement of academic challenge.  We have a clear educational vision for Glenalmond College, and are providing the teaching to ensure that our pupils can meet their educational expectations and aspirations.

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