William Bright Society

The William Bright Society encourages our most academically gifted pupils to develop their sense of intellectual curiosity beyond the bounds of the classroom curriculum.

William Bright, D.D. (1824-1901) was for nine years a theological tutor at Glenalmond College. He later became Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Oxford University. Scholars and Exhibitioners and academically gifted pupils at Glenalmond are invited to join the society bearing his name to help fulfil the following roles:

  • To develop the culture of individual, pupil-driven academic initiative
  • To maintain a high profile for the College's academic scholars and exhibitioners
  • To identify, promote and develop academic excellence in all school area.
  • To prepare candidates for undergraduate application and entry to elite academic institutions

WBS members are invited to attend two parallel programmes that run throughout the academic year, the WBS Lecture Series and the WBS Thinking Series:

  • WBS Lecture Series - inclusive programme of speakers, seminars and discussion sessions to broaden experience, aspiration and perspective of pupils involved - open access for all motivated and engaged individuals
  • WBS Thinking Series - programme of academic courses for WBS members to develop critical reasoning, promote philosophical argument and embrace 'big concept' thinking- access is for those with high intellectual aspirations and a deep enjoyment of academic pursuit.

Pupils are further encouraged to carry out independent learning to pursue academic interests leading to an Extended Project Qualification.