Testimonial - OG Erica Tsoi

OG Erica Tsoi (Lothian, 2012-2016) from Hong Kong

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"Both me and my sister - Sabrina (Lothian 2010-2013) were students at Glenalmond College. I'd have to say, it's my pleasure to be a student at Coll and has made me a better person. As an international student, communication would be the greatest challenge at arrival, with an extraordinary support from the EAL department and the peer-mentoring scheme, I soon integrated into "the British community" and was able to transfer from EAL to first language English class.


Glenalmond College is a full boarding school, majority of the teachers and local students live in site, making my boarding life a little more vibrant and filled with laughter. The fact that all teachers are really close to students, we won’t hesitate to discuss any concerns or ask for guidance and advice. We also become friends after I graduated.


From past to present and into the future, Glenalmond College is dedicated to excellence. Whilst promoting all-rounded education, the college is also very well facilitated to encourage students to go outside the classroom, outside our comfort zone and to try new things. For example, joining the CCF in junior years, having leadership training and doing Silver/Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Certainly, every single pupil will find something to excel at, just like me, I was just a swimmer, volleyball player and a clarinet musician before I went to Glenalmond. During my time at Coll, I picked up new sports - hockey, lacrosse, shooting and performing in the concert band. I was even able to participate in a few national shooting competitions and attained good ranking.

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I have gone through lots of challenges and learnt an immense amount of knowledge and skills at Glenalmond which are incredibly valuable, especially teamwork and leadership skills are the key to success. After graduated from Coll, I brought along my personal experiences onto university. I am now a student at the University of Nottingham doing Medical Science and hopefully getting into the medical field in the future. I would not have achieved as much without those cheerful, inspiring teachers and friends."

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