Hockey Activity Camp

The Glenalmond Hockey Activity Camps are run by international level coaches and all members of the coaching team have worked at the highest levels ranging from performance level to international status.

On completing the below booking form I agree to all statements, terms and conditions stated on the website and wish my child to attend the specified camp. 

(Please complete your childs details where it specifies the camp name and registrant number e.g. Summer Residential Camp - 6-10 August #1 would have the first childs details and Summer Residential Camp - 6-10 August #2 would have the second childs details)

A 3% online booking fee is included in the prices below. 

Note: Goal Keeper (GK) 

Parental Consent

By completing the above booking form and in the event of an accident I hereby give my consent for a trained member of staff to administer first aid. In the event of any emergency, if my emergency contact or I cannot be reached, I hereby give my consent for my child to be transported to hospital and/or given any medical, surgical or dental treatment, including general anaesthetic, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. I fully understand that if the child is not between 7 and 15 years old, or if their behaviour is unacceptable, they can be removed without refund. 

Photography Agreement

At points during the camps photographs may be taken of the children to use on promotional materials. Please indicate on the registration form if you consent photographs for use in future publicity material. 

Important medical information

Please note that medicines CANNOT be administered by staff members. If your child has a severe enough condition that it could be affected by physical activity, please enclose a letter from your own GP giving consent for your child to take part. Please give details of any relevant medical history including allergies.