Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme is offered as an extra-curricular activity at Glenalmond. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is all about going the extra mile – it focuses on supporting young people through self-development; to gain new talents, abilities or perspectives. It also develops social and interpersonal skills and increases initiative as well as building organisational skills, independence and self-confidence.

Participation in the Award sees children pushing themselves physically, helping others and exploring new activities. At the same time, friendships are forged and experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Pupils can choose the activities that motivate them (many are already available at school as extra-curricular options) and then go on their own personal journey.

We know from other participants that the DofE helps pupils stand out from the crowd when they apply for university and jobs.

The Award Scheme has a strong ethos of ‘Self-motivation’ and ‘Personal Organisation’ and all the pupils are asked to uphold these values and support the Award in this way.

Completion of the assessed expedition and of the Gold Award gives a great sense of achievement. Employers and universities are increasingly looking for evidence of young people’s motivation and reliability beyond their academic qualifications. 

The Award is an internationally recognised way of developing these desirable qualities. At each level, the Award Programme demands more time and an increasing degree of commitment and responsibility from the young person. The award is delivered in 140 countries! 

As a DofE Directly Licensed Centre (DLC) we facilitate all three levels:

  • Bronze - offered in the Fourth Form 

  • Silver - offered in the Fifth Form

  • Gold - offered in the Lower Sixth

Information for the DofE provision in the Michaelmas term is as follows.


For more information contact our DofE Co-ordinator Sean Wilkinson.

Email: seanwilkinson@glenalmondcollege.co.uk