Pipe Band

Highland Bagpipes and Highland Drumming are all taught as individual lessons, with a total of 60 pupils receiving instruction from world class instructors.

The Pipes & Drums training is structured around 3 different groups, pupils joining the training band in their initial stages of learning and then progressing onto the parade pipe band and from there to the competition band. Pipers and drummers begin to compete with the competition band whilst members of the Parade band, entering more junior competitions until they progress to the competition band proper. Pipers feature regularly in the prize lists both as individuals and in group playing. The parade band wears full ceremonial dress whilst the training band wears day dress. The bands perform at various venues throughout the UK and have been involved in many high profile events playing for various members of the Royal Family in recent years.

Further afield, the band has played at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany as well as at the Range of Lakes Festival in Lithuania whilst also returning to play at a British Council sponsored Burns Supper in Vilnius, Lithuania. The team of instructors is led by Brian Elrick ably assisted by fellow pipers Gordon Campbell and Douglas Murray with Graeme Peters in charge of the drum corps assisted by Vikki Paul.

Contact: brianelrick@glenalmondcollege.co.uk or 01738 842154