Glenalmond has an arrangement with a small livery adjacent to the College run by Mrs Tanya Adamson (OG). Up to 10 ponies can be accommodated in full livery; in summer months a small number of additional ponies can be accommodated in open paddocks.

Subject to available space, pupils and their parents may make private arrangements with Mrs Adamson to have horses/ponies in livery and/or to have riding lessons/tuition as part of an organised games option.

Both livery and riding lessons are subject to appropriate fees payable as a private contract with Mrs Adamson to whom all queries should be addressed.

Where pupils opt for riding as one of their sporting options this will be subject to attendance in the same way as attendance at other activities. Given the limited capacity of the yard, only those pupils with horses liveried there may choose riding as a sports' option or recreational activity outside sports time. In the Michaelmas and Lent Terms pupils in the Third and Fourth forms will be generally expected to take part in the main team games programme, but consideration will be given to allowing serious riders greater time within the formal games programme.

Contact: Mrs Tanya Adamson 01738 880245