Lacrosse is one of our main sports for girls  in the Lent term. 

Our results speak volumes and we continue to be one of the strongest lacrosse playing schools in Scotland.

At junior level, all pupils train three times a week and four junior teams compete in inter-school fixtures on a Saturday.

At a senior level (Fifth and Sixth Form) pupils choose their major sport and we run three highly successful squads.

With the level of competition being fairly restricted in Scotland (Fettes, Loretto, St.Leonard's, St.George's) both a senior and a junior team travel down south to compete in the National Tournament, where the level of competition is that much more demanding and with many of the schools playing two terms of lacrosse. This is a valuable experience for all but particularly for our juniors, whose game as soon-to-be seniors develops enormously from the higher standard of play.

Lacrosse Googles: The wearing of Lacrosse Goggles is now compulsory when playing the sport at Glenalmond. The school has agreed a partnership with the Lacrosse supplier Hattersleys, which will give you a discount on goggles if you buy a pair from them.

The code is GLENALMOND2021 when used at checkout on the site

For senior pupils who wish to play the sport, as well as all second, third and fourth form pupils who will be here in the Lent term, they must ensure they have a pair before January. This rule applies to all Lacrosse players in school, from the 1st X all the way to the U14B team. Players will need to make sure they have a pair before we start playing in January, as they will need to make sure the goggles are fitted correctly. If a pupil is not here in the Lent term, please do not worry about buying a pair.