Club Rugby Policy

Where pupils are involved in playing for clubs outwith the College during holidays or leave weekends the College takes the view that this is a private arrangement.

From time to time pupils may be invited or be given the opportunity to play for clubs in term time. Again, the College takes a positive view on this, although College commitments should take priority. It is also our responsibility to ensure that all involved know what is happening and that parents in particular have given appropriate permission. With this in mind the following protocol needs to be applied: 

1)      Liaison must take place between the Club and the Director of Sport/ Head of Girls’ Games, Director of Hockey or Director of Rugby and a central list maintained of those pupils wishing to play the sport in question will be maintained. This list is to be shared with Housestaff.

2)      Permission must be obtained from the Parents of the pupils concerned in writing (an email will suffice) and Parents must be in receipt of a letter from the club explaining clearly what the commitment is and how often the sport is to be played. If a taster game or training alone is attended, then an email from the respective Sports teacher to the Parents explaining the situation will suffice, but once a link is established with a Club then a letter should follow from the Club explaining what is involved and what insurance arrangements are in place.

3)      Given the duty of care that exists, the Sports staff should be aware of what First Aid arrangements are in place at the Club during any fixture that our pupils take part in. They should also be satisfied that the reputation of the Club is such that it is appropriate for our pupils to be involved with it. This covers attitudes to safety as well as acceptable attitudes to behavior by club members both on and off the pitch.

4)      Pupils must request to be absent each time there is a fixture – there can be no question of a blanket acceptance being agreed. Each absence to play will be agreed separately.

5)      College Sports or other commitments (for the avoidance of doubt, this includes Sunday chapel) of whatever form must take priority. It must be understood that this is a concession that is being agreed, not a right. Also the governing body recommendations for the amount of sport a pupil can play in any one day must be adhered to. This may well mean that pupils cannot play two matches in a day – one for the College and another for the Club. In the case of rugby, the College strongly recommends that pupils do not play two matches in two days.

As a guideline, the College will always try to support Representative sporting commitments where possible but will consider club sport/fixtures on a case by case basis. Permission to miss College commitments will only be granted for special events/occasions such as a cup final.

6)      Pupils must be registered with the Club’s insurance provider, which almost certainly means registering with the Sport’s governing body.

7)      Mobile numbers must be given to the respective Housestaff before departure for any given fixture. Arrangements for transport remain the responsibility of the individual not the College and must be cleared with the respective Housestaff

8)      If hospitality is offered or is available after a game, pupils as well as parents and the Clubs must recognize the responsibility that all concerned share in relation to College rules and the law of the land, particularly where alcohol is concerned. The College reserves the right to cancel involvement in such outside sport should pupils abuse the trust that is implicit in this statement.