Core Values of Rugby at Glenalmond


To leave the jersey in a better place through a competitive/positive attitude and hard work: ‘Extras’!


Take responsibility for ensuring that you and those around you are ‘getting things right’ and feel empowered to make the right decisions both on and off the field.


You are part of a special community and club – Respect and Belong!


Be Brave! Take the initiative and be persistent. If in doubt, lead first and others will follow. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!


Forms the basis of our sport. We hold the values and traditions of our College and sport in high esteem and we aim to earn the respect of others in the way we behave. We always conduct ourselves in a manner befitting ambassadors of Glenalmond College.


Enjoying ourselves is the reason we play rugby. At Glenalmond we strive to play with smiles on our faces!


We take pride in our team, rely on each other and understand that each player has a part to play both on and off the field. We play for the team!

Rugby team huddle 2015