How we look after talented players

We are developing ever closer links with the BT Sport Scottish Rugby Academy, Caledonia and the SRU in order to work collaboratively to provide the correct environment for our top performers to flourish.

We very much look to work within the SRU Long Term Player Development framework. This is a player-centred approach to coaching that has been developed and adopted by Scottish Rugby. It aims to allow players to achieve their full potential throughout their involvement in rugby. It is about achieving appropriate training, competition and recovery throughout a players’ career. It is set out as a 7 stage process with each stage being relative to important physical, psychological and social developments in a young person’s life. It is focused on developing performance over the long term rather than winning as a short term goal.

As a College, we seek to highlight players with potential at an early age. We work closely with those players who have been selected for regional squads in order to help manage programmes in conjunction with the academic and pastoral teams at Glenalmond. This will include specific specialist skills development and relevant advice on training programmes. They will also be mentored by our Director of Rugby who will liaise closely with regional coaches, parents and staff at Glenalmond in order to manage an appropriate and balanced approach to life.

Rugby progression chart 

Rugby triangle