Rugby Parents' Guide

We look forward to welcoming as many parents and supporters as possible to rugby fixtures at Glenalmond; your positive vocal encouragement is invaluable to the boys. Match day is inevitably an exciting occasion for all and at times emotions can run high. We are very privileged to be one of the best supported schoolboy clubs in Scotland and are hugely fortunate to play in such a stunning part of the world. There aren't many pitches in the UK with such a breath-taking backdrop! It would be fair to say that our supporters are both encouraging and positive and as such we look to uphold some key values and messages:

  • Parents are role models
  • Support should include positive reinforcement
  • We seek to support sportsmanship and fair play
    • Please build a relationship with your son's coach and seek to deal with any concerns or issues in person in a positive manner. Alternatively, please seek to make contact with HGT.
    • Please refrain from entering the playing arena at any time unless invited to do so by the coach
    • Airing any grievances relating to any aspect of the game, the players, the coach or officials whilst in the presence of our pupils or our visitors
    • Respect other spectators