Perthshire RFC Relationship

Over the last four years we have developed and forged a strong partnership with Perthshire RFC. Throughout the rugby season we benefit hugely from the regular coaching of the area Development Officer Rory McKay and the Director of Rugby Andy Cummins. This has allowed us to really push on and develop a strong framework of skill development and game awareness across the rugby club whilst also providing a clear and obvious process of coach development for our staff. During the Lent term, several of our boys regularly play for the club and as such there is a clear and strong two way relationship.

Perthshire Rugby Development Team are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Glenalmond College into 2015-16. Rory McKay, RDO and Head Coach, Perthshire RFC

"Glenalmond teams have recently raised their performances over the last few years which is a direct link to the skills and coach development that goes on out at the school.

Youth rugby is a great tool, not just for developing future Scotland players but in a wider social and educational context for developing well rounded individuals.

We look forward to continuing to working with the staff and pupils of Glenalmond College, growing both their abilities as players and coaches.”                         

Rory McKay, RDO and Head Coach, Perthshire RFC

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