Structure and Delivery

Michaelmas Term

Third Form

All second and third formers train together on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday prior to matches on a Saturday. The key focus is on allowing the pupils to have fun whilst beginning to adapt to and explore more structured game understanding. We focus on KNT’s and Skills games throughout our sessions. We also focus on long term development rather than seeking short term gain with perceived success on a Saturday. Any potentially elite performers are highlighted and stretched at appropriate times and levels through being invited to skills clinics, PE lessons and training with the older groups. The aim of this year is to be inclusive and developmental.

Fourth and Fifth Form

At this stage pupils are selected to join either a performance or participation pathway. A team players will begin to focus far more on performance and striving towards becoming a 1st XV rugby player. Those selected to play B team rugby continue to develop similar themes as instilled during the third form. The Performance squads train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in preparation for fixtures on a Saturday. The Participation squads train on Tuesday and Friday in preparation for fixtures on a Saturday. Participation strand players choose an alternative games option for Thursday afternoons.

Sixth Form

Those pupils who have opted for rugby will be placed in appropriate squads. We run a 1st XV, 2nd XV and 3rd XV. These squads will vary on a weekly basis depending on fixtures and demands.  Those who have aspirations to play 1st XV rugby will very much follow the Performance pathway. We equally recognise the importance of providing an enjoyable and focused environment for those who just wish to participate. This is accommodated through 2nd and 3rd XV rugby. The 1st XV & 2nd XV train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in preparation for Saturday fixtures. 3rd XV players train on a Tuesday and on Fridays prior to Saturday fixtures. 3rd XV players will need to choose an alternative games option for Thursday afternoons.

Our aims and values are clear and hopefully we can provide for ‘all’ through this system. We envisage the following pathways:

Performance                          Participation

1st XV                                      2nd/3rd XV

16 A team                               16 B team

15 A team                               15 B team

If pupils are selected for B team squads but have aspirations to join the Performance pathways they are invited to train on Thursdays with the Performance squads.


Lent term

A Senior Development Squad is selected in preparation for the following season. This will include all potential 1st XV players and anyone with aspirations to play at a high level. This group train on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, around other sporting commitments and the games programme requirements.

A Junior Development Squad is also selected. This will include the best U14 and U15 players in preparation for nominations for the SRU pathways. The sessions include KNT training and an Introduction to S & C. This group train on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, around other sporting commitments and the games programme requirements.

Senior Development players are offered the opportunity to play at Perthshire through the games programme. This will involve completing prep during Tuesday and Thursday afternoons prior to training with the club in the evening. This privilege maybe removed if academic standards are not maintained.


Trinity Term

Both groups will continue to function on a less formal basis concentrating on S & C, Core Skill Development and Skills Games.


What your sons can expect from their rugby coaching

1. Well planned and organised sessions

2. Never more than 20 boys to one coach

3. A high level of rugby expertise

4. Coaches to arrive to sessions punctually with all the equipment necessary

5. An atmosphere that places huge emphasis on Enjoyment, encouragement and development.

6. Coaching sessions pitched at a level appropriate to the player’s ability

7. Players to be placed in groups appropriate to their playing level


Code of Conduct for Players in the Participation Pathway

1. To arrive at all sessions and fixtures on time and in appropriate kit/uniform

2. A positive attitude and commitment to strive to improve and enjoy the game

3. To uphold the core values of the College

4. To take pride in the badge;

5. To be good ambassadors for Glenalmond

6. The appropriate procedure to be followed should absence be required for any reason


Code of Conduct for Players in Performance Pathway

1.  Work hard in all aspects of  College  life.  A dedicated student will achieve.

2.  Maintain an organised routine – This will help you to maximise your potential across a variety of activities in ‘Coll’ – starting and ending with your school work!

3.  Maintain high standards of dress both on and off the field – at all times!

4. Punctuality. If something starts at 2pm be there at 1:50pm. Set the example to both your peers and younger children. Encourage others and keep them informed. Be a leader and make sure that they are there on time, not just yourself.

5. Help younger pupils and peers in their particular sports, pass the knowledge you have learnt over to them.

6.  Sportsmanship – It is vital that you play hard, but also play to the spirit of sport and Glenalmond

7.  Communicate effectively with school masters and mistresses.

8.  If injured, communicate effectively with matron/physio/doctor as well as your coach and mentor.

9.  If you are seen as the best, act like it.

10. Your behaviour should inspire every other pupil who has an interest in sport and therefore bring out the best in pupils throughout the whole College.

11. Ambition – Be hungry to be the best at what you do.

12. Extras – Are you the first to arrive and the last to leave?