Video Analysis

‘Using advanced technology to deliver Best practice!’

Video feedback plays a crucial part in the day to day sporting operations here at Glenalmond College with a number of our key sports using this software to enhance individual and Team development. This is very useful during training periods for giving feedback and analysis of an athlete’s performance with visual feedback. Gone are the days when a coach resorts to mimicking or drawing stick figures, or just flailing one’s hands in frustration. Coaches and athletes are now able to communicate better and of course, performance enhancement in the sport is the ultimate outcome.

Focus provides extensive team, individual and opponent analysis capability, and is integrated to enhance both technical skill and tactical awareness. Increasingly essential in all -round core development.

Focus allows the coach to instantly view any aspect of performance that they are interested in:

  • Analysis of key game data for review and interrogation
  • Review of tournament performance and data
  • Set play tactics and execution
  • Analysis of a range of open play aspects
  • Individual player analysis across all areas of the team
  • Training environment analysis and review