Swimming is considered to be an important life skill and therefore holds a regular and dominant position in the PE curriculum. 

Swimming is an important life skill and a great sport. Here it is an integral part of the PE curriculum and has a growing team of talented swimmers representing the college competitively at local, district and national levels.

Recently, we have embarked on a development programme with the intention of making Glenalmond College synonymous with swimming excellence. 

Dr Richard Norris heads up the new programme. As a former competitive swimmer, triathlete and and now innovative coach, he has created a swimmer-led programme that aligns with Scottish Swimming’s Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway that puts an emphasis on team. The progressive programme is set out to be comprehensive and synergistic, combining pool training with tailored strength & conditioning in the gym. An essential focus is to maximise the potential of each pupil whilst developing and growing them to also excel outside the pool.