OGs stump the school team

OG XI v Glenalmond 1st XI, Sunday 30th April 2017

A chilly spring day greeted the OG team to their old stomping ground at Glenalmond, a team this year comprising a mixture of youth, skill, cricketing experience and humour. This has sometimes been a rarity in years gone by, partly down to the various humiliations on the field that have gone before.

 The side was boosted by the OG cricket stalwarts of Angus Forsyth and David Stewart Howitt, both of whom brought a healthy team of supporters to start with. Ross Davies came back for another crack at the school as well as the captain Matthew Waterston. There were a number of debuts this year, Alex Massie brought his borders cricket expertise, Mike Davies with his inside scoop on the school team having recently retired from the school, and Mike Everett with some real cricket pedigree.

Also making their debuts were the young duo of James Renouf and Blair Goodfellow, both fresh from a couple of ‘shandys’ in Crieff the night before, and Callum Booker who showed real commitment to the club in travelling up from London for the fixture. After both the fixtures last year being cancelled the OG team were raring to go.

 Scorecard:-OG XI- 187-7 off 35 overs (Waterston 44*, M Davies 33, B Goodfellow 33)                     Glenalmond 1st XI- 168-8 off 35 overs (R Davies 1-8, A Forsyth 1-24, J Renouf 1-23, A Massie 1-23, M Everett 1-45)                                                   

 OG XI win by 19 runs!

Full match report 

OG Cricket Match - May 2017 

OG Team:- Mike Davies (former Head of Sport), Callum Booker (Patchell’s 03-08), Mike Everett (Goodacre’s 76-81), Ross Davies (Patchell’s 08-13), Blair Goodfellow (Patchell’s 10-15), David Stewart Howitt (Reid’s 80-84), Matthew Waterston © (Matheson’s 02-07), Alex Massie (Goodacre’s 87-92), James Renouf (Patchell’s 10-15) Angus Forsyth (Reid’s 79-84)