OG Realises Their Work in Print

OG Iain Fraser publishes 'A Sketchbook of Edinburgh'

Written by OG Iain Fraser (1964 - 69, Patchell's) and his wife Anne, 'A Sketchbook of Edinburgh' has been described as an 'evocative book, designed to take the reader, both visitor and resident, on their personal journey through the centre of one of the world's most unforgettable cities.' Working with four talented local artists, they reflect the character and cultural history of Edinburgh through 150 beautiful original illustrations and accompanying text.

Their narrative describes the split personality of Scotland's capital city, from the subsued sophistication of a 'driech' February day, to the flouncy and frivolous fun of the summer festival season. The dramatic character of Edinburgh and its history are world renowned. The authors highlight their favourite parts of the city centre, and include a series of quirky stories discovered during their research gleaned from some of the many books written about the city. 

All of us at Coll send congratulations to Iain and Anne who have spent the last two years working on 'A Sketchbook of Edinburgh' and finally saw it published in August this year. We wish you every success with it.