OG Shaun Bythell writes 'Diary of a Bookseller'

OG Shaun Bythell has just had a diary about his bookshop published

Diary of a Bookseller


OG Shaun Bythell (1988-89, Reid's), who owns Scotland’s largest second-hand bookshop, has recently had a diary of his bookselling career published.


Based in Wigtown, Shaun's simply named store, 'The Bookshop', has over a mile of shelving filled with over 100,000 books. During a 12 month period, from February 2014, Shaun kept a diary of the various goings-on in his bookshop, the characters he interacted with and the many situations he has found himself in, all of which has culminated in the witty, 'The Diary of a Bookseller'.

Congratulations and all the best with the publication.