Ryan Bromilow OG features in The Times

OG Ryan Bromilow (Skrine's 2015-17) featured in The Times' T2 Section on Tuesday 10 April, as part of a piece on talented youngsters who have been offered a chance to go to a British boarding school with the SpringBoard Bursary Foundation.

Ryan Bromilow appreciates his good luck in having been picked to be part of the national bursary foundation and offered a place at Glenalmond College for his Sixth Form. "Without it, I don't think I have anywhere near the amount of confidence or assurance to do things (had I not been to Glenalmond)" Ryan tells Times interviewer Andrew Billen. "In ten, fifteen years' time I want to be presenting on national TV and I'm not afraid to admit that."

With the much longer established Royal National Children’s Foundation, the aims of which are so similar that the charities have merged, the SpringBoard Bursary Foundation is at present sending 600 “disadvantaged” children to boarding schools and plans to increase the number to 1,500 in five years. 

The piece sets out to explore the sending of disadvantaged children to expensive boarding schools and if it helps them.

Conclusion? Without doubt.

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Ryan (below) taking part in Glenalmond's production of JesusChrist Superstar in the Perth Concert Hall in March 2017

Ryan Bromilow OG in The Times 2