Confirmation Service

A group of Glenalmond College pupils will be Confirmed in our Holy Trinity Chapel on Friday 4 May.

The pupils who have completed the course of preparation for Confirmation under the instruction of the Rev'd Giles Dove, Chaplain at Glenalmond College, will be welcomed into the Church of Scotland at 2.30pm.

Pupils in the 5th Form and above were invited to be confirmed earlier this year and they have been preparing with classes over the Lent term. All parents and friends are welcome to attend the confirmation service in order to support them.

A photocall for the candidates will take place at 2.00pm, followed by the Confirmation Service and Holy Eucharist with the Rt Rev'd Bruce Cameron, Retired Bishop of Aberdeen & Orkney at from 2.30pm. After the service, there will be a Confirmation Reception in the Dining Hall from 3.45pm.