A Level Art at Summerhall

A Level Art at Summerhall

A selection of A Level art work created by Glenalmond College pupils is on display at Summerhall, Edinburgh, after being hand-picked by one of the most celebrated artists in Scotland - Richard Demarco.

The art work was originally on display at Glenalmond College as apart of  Commemoration Day, but upon seeing the high standard of creative talent, Richard Demarco (an Honorary OG) arranged for many of the pieces to be transported to Edinburgh and put in the show. 

Pupils who have work on display include:

Robert Bailey
Rosie Forsyth
Marina Drysdale
Holly Mitchell
Alice Gow
Olivia Wise
Noah Moray Parker
Hamish Halley
Natalia Alexander
Blair Fraser
Tom Jeffers
Mary Harvey-Crawford
Alastair Spencer-Nairn
Theodore Dickson
Victoria Aynsley
Bing Wang*
Margaret Piper*
Claudia Massie*

It is very rare for art work from school age pupils to be selected to exhibit at such a prestigious venue. This is a testiment to the hard work and talent of both staff and pupils.

The work will be on show until the end of November 2017 at Summerhall, Edinburgh, so please do call ahead to arrange a viewing of the work: Terry-Anne 77 48 96 1315 or email: richard@richarddemarco.org