CCF Field Day Oct 2017

Over the 10-11th October Glenalmond CCF conducted their recruits’ training exercise ‘Eagle’s Nest’

The 4th Form Recruits (73 in all) paraded on Tuesday evening and patrolled up to the Golf Course where they built shelters and cooked up their first taste of Army rations. Unfortunately due to the inclement weather the Cadets were disappointed (!) to hear of the decision to pull them in and sleep back in their houses that night.

CCF Field Day Oct 2017

On Wednesday the recruits took part in basic fieldcraft lessons including camouflage and concealment, why things are seen, moving with and without weapons and target indication. All of these lessons were delivered by the senior Cadets who prepared their lessons and delivered them well. They also got their hands on some rifles and took part in some skill at arms lessons in preparation for getting them on the range soon.

Field Day Oct 17


The 5th Form or 2nd year Army Cadets got the treat of some expert tactics training from the Royal Marines Commando High vis. team, who kept them all entertained and engaged for the day. In the afternoon they got to try their hand at some shotgun paintballing, again our senior Cadets were excellent as Section Commanders throughout.

Many thanks to all the staff and Cadet NCOs involved as well as the team from the Royal Marines. Congratulations also to Cadets Deane, Humphries, Forbes-Leith, Wilkening, McCarthy, Spencer-Nairn, Moncrieffe and Chisholm who were all promoted to Corporal on the day.

Capt L Rattray 11/10 

See more photos of our CCF Field Day and our Junior's enjoying their day of activities too: