Chronicle 2017

The latest version of Glenalmond College’s annual magazine, The Chronicle, is published.

The Chronicle includes one hundred and thirty six pages of fascinating reports, photographs and records of Glenalmond’s academic year 2016-2017, in addition to many detailed interviews and features about the school in general. The latest version was published at the end of October 2017.

Readers will discover a unique insight, into both life at the school and that of many OGs (former pupils) and their legendary network.

Pupils at the school bring home their personal copy of The Chronicle at Half Term, while UK-based OGs receive print versions in the post during the week beginning 23 October 2017. Overseas OGs, and other members of the Glenalmond Community, are emailed an electronic copy during the same week.

 Chronicle Back Cover 2017

Read the full, online version here.

Download the PDFs here

If you would like an additional, or initial, copy, or if your details have changed (you might miss out on your copy), please email