Glenalmond College joins BSA nationwide ‘Boarding Orchard’

Unlike the recent gift of a sapling from French President Macron to President Trump at the White House, the Boarding Schools’ Association Chief Executive has planted an oak at Glenalmond College that will very definitely stay in place for the rest of its natural life.

As part of the BSAs ‘Boarding Orchard’ programme, Chief Exec Robin Fletcher was delighted to install the ten-foot sapling at the Perthshire school on Thursday 10 May 2018. This event made Glenalmond’s tree the 141st planted as part of the nationwide scheme. “We’re aiming to make this the largest orchard, by distance, in the UK, involving boarding schools joining the orchard by planting trees in their grounds. The trees symbolise the ‘tree of knowledge’ and demonstrate each school’s commitment to growth and caring for the environment,” said Mr Fletcher.

Since the Boarding Orchard’s launch in September 2014, schools across the UK - including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - have joined the scheme. Additionally, boarding schools in Switzerland and the USA have also planted saplings in their grounds, giving an international flavour to the programme.

An oak was chosen by Glenalmond for very specific reasons. Elaine Logan, Warden of the school, commented that: “With over 300 acres, we have many hundreds of trees here in the grounds. Sadly, a large oak was brought down in recent storms so, in consultation with my Head of Grounds, Tim Holden,  it is with immense pleasure that we are able to replant this young sapling.” Elaine continued: “Together with being magnificent trees, oaks symbolise the journey from small acorn to mighty tree; a great metaphor for education.”

Robin Fletcher was visiting Glenlamond to attend the BSA Scottish Forum, hosted by the school.

Boarding at Glenalmond College

Boarding Schools’ Association

BSA Boarding Orchard

 BSA Chief Executive, Robin Fletcher, planting an oak sapling at Glenalmond College, near Front Avenue

 BSA grounds at Glenalmond

A view of Glenalmond's Front Avenue - home of the new oak - taken from the school's main building