Glenalmond College Phone Policy

Pupils are enjoying a phone free environment with improved social interaction, and the benefits that go with it, following our strict ban on smart phones and other devices at the start of the academic year.

Sub Warden Gareth O’Neill said the benefits of a phone-free environment during the school day had been immediately felt with the most noticeable improvements in social inter-action and skills between pupils throughout the School.

“We’ve seen improvements in behaviour, social inter-action, concentration and focus on school work, students are improving their social skills by talking and listening to others, which are important skills for life.”

Pupils have had their phone time significantly reduced following the introduction of the new policy which started in September. Phones are now locked away until the end of the academic day. The phone ban came about following concerns that pupils were spending too much time on their phones which was preventing social interactions in School.

When a number of academic studies revealed that mobile phones were having a negative effect on pupil behaviour and academic achievement, we carried out its own investigation. Following a detailed consultation with pupils and staff, the ban on mobile phones was introduced.

Phone Policy

The strict new policy was put in place on day one of the new academic term and has been fully supported by parents, many of whom were delighted by the ban.

Mr O’Neill said the policy has also been welcomed by the majority of pupils, who have quickly adapted to the new regime. “The no phone ban has quickly become the new normal,” he said.

Mr O’Neill said implementing the new policy has been a learning curve for everyone, but lessons have been learnt.

For example, it is important to make sure that everyone is on board and supports the plan, including parents. It is also vital to issue clear rules and guidelines and make sure there are clear sanctions for rule breakers – and stick to them.

Finally, be clear and consistent with pupils about the ban. Make sure they understand the consequences of using social media during school hours.

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