Glenalmond Gala Concert 2015

Glenalmond's musicians presented a programme showcasing the school's renowned choral and singing tradition; the Pipe Band and further outstanding instrumental soloists completed the line-up.

Months of preparation bore fruit on Thursday night when the Glenalmond music department took centre stage at the prestigious Perth Concert Hall.  The Pipes & Drums opened proceedings, showing why their reputation is growing as a competition band with which to be reckoned.  Virtuosic solos from Durness M-C (piano), Alexandra M (oboe), Adele M (piano), Appin M-C (sax), Robert B (horn) and Angus P (piano) shone a spotlight on the extraordinary talents of just a selection of the music scholars.  A Songs from the Musicals set gave a whole range of singers the opportunity to sing selections from Kiss Me, Kate, Phantom of the Opera and Wicked – the astonishing versatility of Robert B, Cat L, Patrick B, Emily J, Molly R, Hamish H and Katie B brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience with their supremely moving singing.  The first half concluded with a nod in the direction of the Red Hot Chili Pipers.  Led by Georgie S-W (voice) and Ali J (pipes), a group of four pipers and a rhythm section (all pupils) moved from soul to outright rock in an outrageous, and wonderfully entertaining, re-make of Amazing Grace.

The second half of the concert saw the Choral Society perform Carl Orff's notoriously difficult Carmina Burana in its entirety.  Under the baton of Director of Music, Tim Ridley, a children's choir from Cargilfield School in Edinburgh joined forces with the Glenalmond singers, two marvellous pianists (Robert Melling and Matthew Beetschen, both visiting music teachers) and a battery of five percussionists (led by another VMT, Andy James).  Renowned opera singers Judith Gardner Jones (soprano, also a VMT), Nick Sales (tenor) and Phil Gault (baritone) thrilled all in the hall with their effortless renditions of some of the most fiendish vocal solos in the repertoire.  Holding the audience spellbound from start to finish, this performance of Orff's magnificent masterpiece justified the hours of rehearsal put in by the Choral Society.  An evening of top quality musical entertainment, holding Glenalmond's musical head high in our local town.

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