Glenalmond Goes 'Bang in the Borders'

Colourful Science Experiments for Bang Goes the Borders

Glenalmond College were again delighted to support the excellent Bang Goes the Borders event at St. Mary's Melrose recently.

Children of all ages were treated to a wide range of science demonstrations and given the chance to try everything from racing rocket propelled cars to building circuits.

Glenalmond's own Dr Craig Fleming, dug out his lab coat - after over a decade of hibernation - and treated boys and girls to a display of exciting colour chemistry demonstrations, followed by audience participation using red cabbage indicator to identify acids and alkalies. 

They were then given the chance to extract the DNA from Perthshire strawberries, resulting in some of the most unusual (yet incredibly popular) souvenirs. We look forward to supporting this event again next year.

Check out clips of the experiments below. Spin the screen to see the whole room in 360!