Latest Glenalmond Life magazine published

The latest Glenalmond Life magazine, which is produced by the College and reflects life as part of the school's community, has just been published. The theme is effort.

The College makes no excuse for demanding high standards, keeping minds busy and focussed on credible pursuits. Effort is what we expect of each and every one of our pupils. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”

At Glenalmond College our ethos is that ‘a busy mind is a mind fulfilled’. As you will see from the article on page eleven about Home House, being part of the College’s ‘family firm’ demand effort and input, but results in a truly rewarding experience.

Putting in the effort is a theme continued in the piece by our former pupil, OG Hugh Shields, on page two. Shields attributes Glenalmond as having been a “Lesson for life for me.” While admitting that he found learning Arabic a challenge, he acknowledges that, “People appreciate the effort” when using the sentences he did master.

Glenalmond’s academic curriculum demands high expectations. This is particularly evident in Head of Oxbridge Applications, Jenny Davey’s, piece, detailing the College’s ground-breaking ‘Three + Enrichment’ programme. A demanding but rewarding route and one that requires, as ever, just that little bit more effort.

As Warden of Glenalmond College, I very much hope that you enjoy reading this edition of Glenalmond Life. We are very proud of the collective effort of each and every one of our current and former pupils.

Elaine Logan, Warden

Glenalmond Life Spring 2018 edition